Hire Pak Auto Towing for Car Registration Renewal

Indeed there are several needs of a vehicle when you buy it. After every year vehicle must get a registration check in Abu Dhabi. The regularity of Abu Dhabi keeps vehicle registration system. This system is for the maintenance and condition check. Therefore as a vehicle owner you will need assistance on how to take registration renewal. Indeed there is an electronic card of registration. Moreover the purpose of registration renewal is for below reasons.

  1. To check if the vehicle is fit as per transportation regularity. The fitness test is for the parts and engine.
  2. Vehicle fine check. Most of time we fail to cover all the rules on road and get fines on our vehicle. Therefore the electronic card and vehicle number must be check. So the system will give us information of fines.
  3. Vehicle insurance check. All vehicles must go for renewal of insurance.

Car registration renewal card services

Registration renewal of vehicles in Abu Dhabi

We work as a leading towing and car recovery company in Abu Dhabi. So we also cover our services for those customers who wish to take their vehicles for registration without driving. We take delivery and deliver it to the transportation departments. Indeed the best part of our service is keeping satisfaction at high level. So if you wish to take our services of Registration renewal and insurance recovery. Kindly bring your inquiry to us. We are more happy to assist you for every situation.

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Towing service is a need for vehicle users. However it may be true anyone on road may face bad time due to breakdown. Abu Dhabi a leading city of UAE have thousands of users on road. While on road a vehicle if face a breakdown will surely need a towing truck. So in case you are one of them, call us quickly for a quick assistance at your spot. While you call us, one of our customer representative will allocate a team to you. This car towing truck team will be on call with you and GPS will set to reach to you as quick as possible.


Many of vehicles struck on road. Reason can be different for the breakdown. However for such situations you would always need a recovery towing team. For instance you are going to a destination and face engine fail. You will have an stress on how to deal with such case. Don’t worry once you find and call us on +971502092742. One of our team will attend quickly for recovery. Hence you will feel the inconvenience will no longer be there.