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Welcome to Car recovery Rahba. It is a common fact that any vehicle on road can face a breakdown. However, there is always a solution for problems. Towing is the best option for breakdown vehicles. We are Car recovery Rahba. The largest city and capital of UAE.

Abu Dhabi is the capital state of the UAE. Therefore the population it has is more than any other state. The area is large as compared to other states. Thus the vehicles population is also more. In Abu Dhabi, many vehicle owners face vehicle breakdowns. Though it is always necessary to keep a Car recovery Al Ain provider in contact.

Car recovery Alkhatam

The leading 24 Towing service in Abu Dhabi

Pak Auto Towing is a leading name for towing service specially in Abu Dhabi. We have hundreds of towing trucks, multiple on duty drivers and advance GPS systems. These Towing trucks are also fit with all heavy load carry equipment. Though whenever any customer with heavy vehicle calls us for their vehicle towing. One of our team truck is assign to tow and deliver the vehicle on requested place.

These towing trucks are fit with a long chain belt. These belts are steel wires which can pull any heavy load breakdown vehicle to the top of our trucks. An advance GPS is always available in our truck. These GPS helps us to find the spot of our customers who are in wait of us. Therefore we at Pak  Car recovery Rahba do not take much time to reach to any destination.

Specialty of Pak Auto 24hour Towing Service

We are the leading company for auto towing. Though we have our own specialty.

  1. We have special care units for Accident vehicles.
  2. Expert drivers who are always on road and ready to assist you when you need roadside assistance for breakdown vehicle.
  3. Drivers are always on call coordination with you. So you will be tension free to take help and define your exact location.
  4. GPS with accurate location finders are installed in our trucks. Though everyone of us will find you in minutes and can reach.
  5. We have proficient staff who know English, Arabic and Hindi so you will be easy to talk with us.
  6. Pak Auto Towing team is available 24/7 on service.
  7. We charge 150 AED for the far areas of Abu Dhabi. Indeed this is the lowest towing service charges in Abu Dhabi.
  8. One more special thing is we have Flatbed tow trucks for sports of high class brand cars. So you don’t have to worry about the low height of your vehicle.

On road Car towing Service

In addition we are also supporting on road car towing service. On road is a requirement of customers who are standing beside a road and waiting for tow truck. Though it is a very crucial situation for anyone who faces on road breakdown of their vehicles.

Off-road car towing service

Off road is a part of our service. We know you never like to get your vehicle struck in an off road place like desert or grassy place. Though it no matter for us. We also have desert and grassy recovery and towing trucks for such cases. Therefore we have the same speed of reaching to you in need.

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