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Towing Service Dubai

Welcome to Towing Service Dubai. We are properly designed to help you immediately. When you stumble upon traumatic situations like a sudden emergency breakdown or vehicle darkening. We at take enormous pleasure in offering around-the-clock help to our clients via ordinary statistics over the cellphone and emergency service. So Call Us and get our best Towing Service Dubai service.

We are offering the following services:

Road AssistantTowing Services

Recovery Services

Lock Out ServicesSports

Car Towing Service

Pull Out Services (Desert & Basement)

 Towing Service Dubai

The best car towing in Duba.

It is a common fact that any vehicle on road can face a breakdown. However, there is always a solution to problems. Towing is the best option for breakdown vehicles. We are Pak Auto a car towing in Dubai. The largest city and capital of UAE. we provide you with the best Towing Service Dubai.

Abu Dhabi is the capital state of the UAE. Therefore the population it has is more than any other state. The area is large compare to other states. Thus the vehicles population is also more. In Abu Dhabi, many vehicle owners face vehicle breakdown. Though it is always necessary to keep an auto towing service provider in contact.

Car Recovery Service Abu Dhabi – Towing Service Dubai

We provide all types of car recovery and car towing services across Abu Dhabi. Recovery Abu Dhabi provides 24/7 best sports car recovery, full down car recovery, car recovery, car towing, breakdown, and towing services across Abu Dhabi.

Wheel flat – Towing Service Dubai

We will replace your flat tire if the vehicle has one, or you can get new tires at our nearest certified tire shops.

Car Battery / Jump Start

If your battery is dead, we can come out and jump it for you in no time. Jumpstart is safer and easier to use.

Car recovery – Towing Service Dubai

Recovery Abu Dhabi presents you with nice automobile healing offerings in only 20 mins with absolutely ready staff.

Car towing

We will provide you with a reliable and safe towing service with our GPS system to reach you in the fastest time.

Sports car recovery

Recovery Abu Dhabi offers the best sports car recovery and full-down car recovery 24 hours a week throughout Abu Dhabi. Call us now!

Deformation and stretching

If your car breaks down, we will help you fix it and then reach our nearest certified centers for further inspection and diagnosis.


Recovery Abu Dhabi offers you sand pull-out vehicle recuperation offerings in only 20 mins with completely ready staff.

Why Choose Car Recovery Abu Dhabi?

Our team has all the trucks equipped with all types of cars and trucks for any situation car recovery Abu Dhabi service. We have constantly stored our vehicles in an accurate condition.

CRAD always carries a spare tire to help our on-road customers in case their cars have a tire problem.

  • The car recovery team always has extra fuel on the road for its customers who encounter an empty fuel tank.
  • We carry a battery booster in our trucks to give our customers a quick battery boost when they need our help.
  • CRAD keeps our trucks fueled while we are on the road to give our customers extra support in getting their car/vehicle to their destination.
  • Car recovery Abu Dhabi trucks also have towing belts, to assist heavy vehicles on the road.
  • Get a wide range of prices.
  • We have many customers who find us through the inquiry “recovery near me”.

4×4 Recovery near me – Towing Service Dubai

To offer 24-hour vehicle recuperation Maria Island carrier to clients in Abu Dhabi.  We would really like to publish the subsequent notion for your attention and attention.  We have fleets ranging from 3.5-ton towing trucks to 18-ton tow trucks as low bed and flatbed trailers. Indeed with experienced and dedicated staff, which is well trained in transporting all these heavy machines. Sure, we can arrange transportation of large cranes for multinational projects, such as wheel loaders, excavators, bulldozers, off-road dump trucks, graders, water tankers, sweet/salt, and septic tankers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates In the Emirates. We offer emergency roadside help for all main manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, KIA, Jeep, Ford, Range Rover, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Audi, and Porsche.

The leading an a1 car recovery in Abu Dhabi

Pak Auto Towing is a leading name for towing service, especially in Abu Dhabi. We have hundreds of towing trucks, multiple on-duty drivers, and advance GPS systems. These Towing trucks are also fit with all heavy load to carry equipment. Though whenever any customer with a heavy vehicle calls us for their vehicle towing. One of our team truck is assign to tow and deliver the vehicle to the requested place.

These towing trucks are fit with a long chain belt. These belts are steel wires which can pull any heavy load breakdown vehicle to the top of our trucks. An advance GPS is always available in our truck. These GPS helps us to find the spot of our customers who are in wait for us. Therefore we at Pak Auto  Towing Service Dubai do not take much time to reach any destination.

The specialty of Pak Auto Towing Service Dubai

We are the leading company for auto towing. Though we have our own specialty.

  1. We have special care units for Accident vehicles.
  2. Expert drivers who are always on road and ready to assist you when you need roadside assistance for a breakdown vehicle.
  3. Drivers are always on call to coordinate with you. So you will be tension free to take help and define your exact location.
  4. GPS with accurate location finders are installed in our trucks. Though every one of us will find you in minutes and can reach you.
  5. We have proficient staff who know English, Arabic, and Hindi so you will be easy to talk with us.
  6. The Pak Auto Towing team is available 24/7 on service.
  7. We charge 150 AED for the far areas of Abu Dhabi. Indeed this is the lowest towing service charge in Abu Dhabi.
  8. One more special thing is we have Flatbed tow trucks for sports of high-class brand cars. So you don’t have to worry about the low height of your vehicle.

Who we are?

Welcome to Pak Auto Towing company in Abu Dhabi. We are the leading car towing truck and Car recovery service in Abu Dhabi UAE. In the event that you face any issues on road. We will be the best, quickest option for you. Indeed we always do our best to reach quickly to our customers. Indeed Pak Auto Towing is a famous name in Abu Dhabi for vehicle-related issues.  


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